City of Chicago
Cook County, North
Cook County, West
Cook County, South
Northern Illinois
Central and Southern Illinois

City of Chicago 
Chicago's largest cemetery holds several Chicago mayors, Civil War generals, and a Vice President.
The most famous cemetery in the area, Graceland contains many of 19th-century Chicago's greatest citizens - architects, mayors, and captains of industry, with the most magnificent tombs in Chicago.
The South Side's historic cemetery, with Mayors Harold Washington and William Hale Thompson, physicist Enrico Fermi, Olympian Jesse Owens, and six thousand Confederate prisoners.
Chicago's Bohemian cemetery features some of the best funerary art to be found within the city, a beautiful indoor columbarium, and the assassinated Mayor Anton Cermak.
A old German Catholic cemetery on the north side.
Featuring Japanese and Serbian sections, a neoclassical crematorium building, and spectacular modern monuments of black granite.
The oldest Jewish cemetery in Chicago, dating back to 1851. Densely populated with monuments, Jewish Graceland has a timeless aura.
A small Christian cemetery next to Graceland.
Chicago's only churchyard.
A pair of Jewish cemeteries on north Pulaski.
Part of a cluster of Jewish cemeteries in Northwest Chicago
Masons, obelisks, and a superb community mausoleum.
Cook County Cemetery for the poor
The 35th-street tomb of Senator Stephen Douglas.
Almost nothing remains of one of Chicago's earliest graveyards. NEW 2008

Cook County, North 
Chicago's historic Catholic cemetery, established in 1859 and located on beautiful lakefront property in Evanston.
Serving Polish Catholics in Chicago since 1872.
A parish cemetery in Skokie.
A tiny, once-neglected graveyard in a residential neighbourhood.
Lincolnwood's Jewish Cemetery, with a newly built chapel.

Cook County, West 
Known worldwide for its monument to the Haymarket martyrs.
With Chicago's Archbishops and Julia Buccola Petta, whose body was incorruptible.
Over three hundred adjacent Jewish cemeteries, each with its own entrance.
A large Lutheran cemetery featuring a multitude of obelisks and angels - and an adjacent rest home's cemetery.
A neoclassical mausoleum; Masons' Rest; and a "Howlin' Wolf".
Home of "Showmen's Rest", with the victims of a 1918 circus train wreck.

Cook County, South 
The South side's oldest Catholic cemetery, predominantly Irish and Italian. Featuring the original Capone grave, the O'Learys, and Irish burial society monuments.
The late Mayor Daley, a shrine to Chicago's own Saint Frances, and "Chicago's Miracle Child".
Considered the "most haunted cemetery in Chicago". Small, barren, and badly vandalized, but world-famous for its numerous sightings.
A churchyard on a hill where spectral monks have been sighted.
Home of "Resurrection Mary", the "Vanishing Hitchhiker".
A national cemetery with revolutionary heroes.
A Lutheran cemetery established in 1894.
The South Side graveyard that gave its name to the neighbourhood.
Muddy Waters and other top blues musicians.
Immediately south of Mt. Olivet is Mount Hope, a wooded, hilly cemetery with several interesting monuments.
Chicago's historic African-American cemetery
A tiny family cemetery.
A large and modern Catholic cemetery with an unusual grotto.
A very old parish cemetery

Northern Illinois 
Evergreen Cemetery in the Village of Barrington, and haunted White Cemetery.
A quiet churchyard in a well-preserved village.
One of the smallest graveyards in the Chicago area.
Two very old cemeteries, one a former churchyard, on the grounds of O'Hare airport.
A wooded cemetery of Du Page county
Historic cemetery of Woodstock, Illinois NEW 2008
A graveyard for Democrats, a graveyard for Republicans NEW 2008
A small graveyard with a definite Eastern character. NEW 2008
Kankakee's historic cemetery. NEW 2009

Central and Southern Illinois 
President Lincoln's Burial Site
Peoria's Victorian Rural Cemetery
Grave of the World's Tallest Man
A beautiful little cemetery on a hill NEW 2008
A rustic parish cemetery in Monroe County NEW 2009
Dry creek beds make interesting terrain NEW 2009
Illinois' Southernmost City NEW 2010

Many other cemeteries in Illinois area have not yet been featured on my site. I will add more as time permits. A more complete list can be found here.