Graceland Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery
Established 1860
4001 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

Kimball Eternal Silence Inez Clarke
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Graceland Cemetery is one of Chicago's best-known and most historic cemeteries. It was established in 1860, originally outside city limits, but engulfed as the city grew northward. The original City Cemetery was on the lake front, and was considered a health hazard due to overcrowding and water-borne diseases. The bodies were moved to nearby Graceland in the town of Lake View, with the old city cemetery becoming what is now Lincoln Park.

Graceland is on the north side of Chicago, with its main entrance at the corner of Clark and Irving Park roads, extending north and east from that point. Graceland's office is just inside the main gate at the southwest corner. Within, free maps and pamphlets are available, as well as a $7 book published by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, A Walk Through Graceland Cemetery.

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Mayor Charles Gray

Henry Wheeler

John Kinzie

Graves- "Eternal Silence"

Mayor Francis Sherman

S.K. Martin

Graceland Chapel

Ben and Laura Honoré

Lawson - "Crusader"

Peirce Anderson

Hirsch Mausoleum

View from "Crusader"

John Wellborn Root

Whiting and Ware

Peter Schoenhofen


Governor Frank O Lowden

Chief Justice Melville Fuller

George Pullman

Martin Ryerson

William Kimball

Mayor Hempstead Washburne


Louis Henri Sullivan

William Goodman

Potter and Bertha Palmer

William Mitchell

Henry Hamilton Honoré

Governor John Peter Altgeld

Ludwig Wolff


Daniel Hudson Burnham

Henry Harrison Getty

Mayor Joseph Medill

Philip Danforth Armour

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Marshall Field


Obelisk at twilight


Frederick Wacker

John Kranz

William Hulbert

William M. Hoyt

Howard van Doren Shaw

Allan Pinkerton

Pinkerton Employees

Eli Williams

Gothic Monuments

Mayor Julian S. Rumsey

Huck Mausoleum

Mayor Fred Busse

Colorful Mausoleums

Mayor Benjamin Wright Raymond

Inez Clark

Mayor John Putnam Chapin

Gothic Monument

Old Mausoleum

Old Mausoleum

Mayor Carter Henry Harrison I

Mayor Carter Henry Harrison II

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