St. James - Sag Bridge

Established 1837

St James, Sag Bridge (also known as St James, The Sag) is the oldest Catholic cemetery in the Chicago Archdiocese, dedicated in 1837. This churchyard is located in a wooded area in Lemont township, at 171 (Archer Avenue) and the Calumet Sag Canal. Some of the earlier burials were of Irishmen who died constructiong the canal. St. James is only a few miles southwest of Resurrection, Bethania, and Lithuanian National Cemetery.

Surrounded by forest, and set back a distance from the road, St. James has a quiet and timeless atmosphere. The old church is still in active use, and there are modern parish buildings nearby, but they do not detract from the beauty of the cemetery. The church is at the top of a small and gentle hill, surrounded by the graveyard. To one side, the terrain becomes very irregular, with graves at several different levels.

St. James has also been known for being haunted since 1847. Many have reported ghostly monks chanting in Latin. In November 1977 a policeman chased eight phantom monks through the woods.

Entrance to the Parish Complex Southwest Gate
St. James Church Woman at Cross
Ward Southeast Gate
St. James Church Mary Van Ort
Lower level


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