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Grave Sites of Illinois Senators

List compiled 2004, modified 2007+ by Matt Hucke using information from politicalgraveyard.com, findagrave.com, and wikipedia.

Jesse B. Thomas (D), (N-R) 1818-1829 Mound View, Mt. Vernon OH 1773-1853 fg
John McLean (D)1 1829-1830 Westwood, Shawneetown 02.04.1791-10-14-1830 fg
David Jewett Baker (D) 1830 Alton City Cemetery, Alton 09.07.1792-08.06.1869 fg
John McCracken Robinson (D) 1830-1841 Old Graveyard, Carmi 04.10.1795-04.25.1843 fg-
Samuel McRoberts (D) 1841-1843 (died) Moores Cemetery, Waterloo
James Semple (D) 1843-1847 Bellefontaine, St. Louis MO fg
Stephen A. Douglas (D) 1847-1861 (died) Douglas Moument Park, Chicago
Orville H. Browning (R) 1861-1863 Woodland, Quincy 02.10.1806-08.10.1881 fg
William A. Richardson (D) 1863-1865 Woodland, Quincy 01.16.1811-12.27.1875 fg-
Richard Yates (R) [Gov] 1865-1871 Diamond Grove Cem, Jacksonville
John A. Logan (R)1 1871-1877 Soldiers Home National Cem., Wash. DC
Cenotaph: Murphysboro City Cem.
02.09.1826-12.27.1886 fg wp
David Davis (Ind) (D) 1877-1883 Evergreen, Bloomington
Shelby Moore Cullom (R) [Gov] 1883-1913 Oak Ridge, Springfield
James Hamilton Lewis (D)1 1913-1919 Abbey Mausoleum, Arlington, Va2 05.18.1863-04.09.1939 wp fg
Joseph Medill McCormick (R) 1919-1925 Middlecreek Cem., Byron 05.15.1877-02.25.1925 wp fg-
Charles S. Deneen (R) [Gov] 1925-1931 Oak Woods, Chicago
James Hamilton Lewis (D)1 1931-1939 (died) Abbey Mausoleum, Arlington, Va2 05.18.1863-04.09.1939 wp fg
James Michael Slattery (D) 1939-1940 Calvary, Evanston 07.29.1878-08.28.1948
Charles W. Brooks (R) 1940-1949 Pleasant View, Kewanee 03.08.1897-01.14.1957 fg-
Paul Howard Douglas (D) 1949-1967 ashes scattered: Jackson Park, Chicago 03.26.1892-09.24.1976 wp fg
Charles H. Percy (R) 1967-1985 burial location unknown 09.27.1919-09.17.2011 wp
Paul Martin Simon (D) 1985-1997 Rowan Cem., Makanda 11.29.1928-12.09.2003 wp fg
Richard Durbin (D) 1997-2015 living 11.21.1944- wp
Ninian Edwards (D), (N-R) [Gov] 1818-1824 Oak Ridge, Springfield
John McLean (D)1 1824-1825 Westwood, Shawneetown 02.04.1791-10-14-1830 fg
Elias K. Kane (D) 1825-1835 Evergreen Cem, Chester
William Lee Davidson Ewing (D) [Gov] 1835-1837 unknown3 08.31.1795-03.25.1846 wp fg
Richard M. Young (D) 1837-1843 Congresional Cem., Wash. DC 02.20.1798-11.28.1861 fg
Sidney Breese (D) 1843-1849 Carlyle Cem., Carlyle
James Shields (D) 1849-1855 St. Mary's, Carrollton MO 05.10.1810-06.01.1879 fg
Lyman Trumbull (R) 1855-1873 Oak Woods, Chicago
Richard J. Oglesby (R) [Gov] 1873-1879 Elkhart Cemetery, Elkhart
John A. Logan (R)1 1879-1886 (died) Soldiers Home National Cem., Wash. DC
Cenotaph: Murphysboro City Cem.
02.09.1826-12.27.1886 fg wp
Charles B. Farwell (R) 1887-1891 Rosehill, Chicago
John McAuley Palmer (D) [Gov] 1891-1897 Carlinville City Cem, Carlinville
William E. Mason (R) 1897-1903 Oakwood, Waukegan 07.07.1850-06.16.1921 fg-
Albert J. Hopkins (R) 1903-1909 Spring Lake Cem., Aurora [LW-4] 08.15.1846-08.23.1922
William Lorimer (R) 1909-1912 Calvary, Evanston
Lawrence Y. Sherman (R) 1913-1921 Faunce Cemetery, Montrose
William Brown McKinley (R) 1921-1926 (died) Mt. Hope, Urbana
Frank Leslie Smith (R) 1926-1928 Oak Lawn, Dwight 11.24.1867-08.30.1950 fg
Otis F. Glenn (R) 1928-1933 Onekama Cem., Onekama MI 08.27.1879-03.11.1959 fg
William H. Dieterich (D) 1933-1939 Rushville City Cem., Rushville 03.31.1876-10.12.1940 fg
Scott Wike Lucas (D) 1939-1951 Laurel Hill Cem., Havana
Everett McKinley Dirksen (R) 1951-1969 (died) Glendale Memorial Gardens, Pekin 01.04.1896-09.07.1969 fg
Ralph Tyler Smith (R) 1969-1970 Sunset Hill Maus., Edwardsville 10.06.1915-08.13.1972 fg
Adlai E. Stevenson, III (D) 1970-1981 living (son of Governor Stevenson) 10.10.1930- wp
Alan J. Dixon (D) 1981-1993 Lake View Memorial Gardens, Fairview Heights 07.07.1927-07.06.2014 wp
Carol Moseley-Braun (D) 1993-1999 living 08.16.1947- wp
Peter G. Fitzgerald (R) 1999-2005 living 10.20.1960- wp
Barack Obama (D) 2005-2008 (res) living. 44th President of the United States 08.04.1961- wp
Roland Burris (D) 2009-2010 living. Oak Woods, Chicago 08.03.1937- wp
Mark Kirk (R) 2010-2017 living wp

1 John McLean, John Logan, James H. Lewis each had nonconsecutive terms
2 James Hamilton Lewis was removed from Abbey Mausoleum (demolished 2001; see 1) and reburied in an unknown location.
3 While some sources claim Senator Ewing is at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, he does not appear on their list of notables, and when visiting the cemetery in March 2004 I asked a member of the office staff to look up his records; no such record could be found.
(D) = Democrat, (R) = Republican, (N-R) = National Republican
(died) = Died while in office
(res) = Resigned

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