Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery Established 1900
Harrison & Hillside Avenues
Hillside, Illinois

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Mount Carmel is one of Chicago's finest graveyards. It is located in west suburban Hillside, across the street from Queen of Heaven. Mt Carmel is the oldest Catholic cemetery in the western part of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

The vast majority of persons buried here are Italian. Italian traditions include statuary, and photographs on the monument, and private mausoleums. There are over 400 private family mausoleums in Mt. Carmel, more than any other cemetery in the area. Italian immigrants in Chicago preserved their culture, and Mount Carmel has a wonderful Old-World feel.

The most popular attraction is the Bishops' mausoleum, which received over 50,000 visitors in the two months after the death of Cardinal Bernardin in October 1996. But to many, Mt. Carmel is equally famous for the graves of Chicago's notorious gangsters of the 1920s - including Al Capone, best known of them all.

Alphonse Capone Dion "Deany" O'Banion
Hymie Weiss The Genna Brothers
"Schemer" Drucci Stanislao-Melone Mausoleum
Cathedral-like Mausoleum Private Peter Felicetti
Marie Serritello Jake Lingle
Serritella Julia Buccola Petta - "The Italian Bride"
Onofrio Taglia Sanservino Mausoleum
Antonio Ercolini Francesco Salerno
Antonio Antenucci "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn
Pecorai Festina Levata
Sam Giancana Di Vito
Family Di Salvo Bishops' Mausoleum

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