Charles J. Hull (1820-1889) sits just inside the main entrance.

A wealthy real estate developer and one of Chicago's pioneer citizens, Charles Hull is best known today for the use to which his Halsted Street mansion was put. The house, built in 1856, was leased in 1889 to social reformer Jane Addams (1860-1935), who later acquired much of the surrounding neighborhood as well. "Hull House" was a settlement house, providing housing and education to new immigrants for over forty years.

A strange story became associated with Hull House in the 1920s, particularly among Italian immigrants. Supposedly, a young woman was pregnant when her husband swore at a picture of Christ. As punishment, the baby was born with horns, a tail, and cloven hooves. This "devil-baby" was given over to Addams and kept in the attic of Hull House. People came from miles around to see the "devil-baby", only to be turned away at the door with the news that no such creature existed at Hull House. This story eventually inspired the film Rosemary's Baby.

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