Sacred to the memory of
who lost his life
by saving the train
at York Indiana
July 27 1887.
Aged 37 years, 1 month
and 11 days.

Cale Cramer's monument resembles a pile of disassembled locomotive parts. Cramer was an engineer for New York Central. On July 27, 1887, Cramer stayed at his post as another train approached. Attempting to prevent a head-on collision, he activated the brakes and shut off the steam. Cramer was killed in the crash, but had reduced speed enough that his passengers escaped without injury. The passengers raised funds to provide this monument.

A flat panel on one side depicts a train engine and includes the words at the top of this page. Behind it are the train parts including a length of rail, smokestack, and wheel. Spokes on the wheel are broken, a common symbol of death.

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