Jewish Graceland

Samuel Meyer
(b. Prussia, 1829, d. Chicago, 1910)
Hannah Meyer
(b. Prussia, 1833, d. Chicago, 1888)

Honest and true was she
No better wife, No better mother could be
And she will keep her place
Until we see her heavenly face.
Tis hard to break the tender cord
When love has bound the heart
Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words
Must we forever part?
Dearest loved one, we have laid thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace.
But thy memory will be cherished
Till we see thy heavenly face.

Just inside the main entrance stands a grouping of four cylinders on pedestals, belonging to the Meyers. The taller red granite monument (left, rear) belongs to Samuel Meyer. Next to it is the shorter monument to his wife, Hannah, also of red granite, now somewhat off-center on its pedestal. On the front of it is her face, carved in white marble. The two white monuments in the foreground are for children of the Meyers.

[04/1998 Update] This scene has changed since the above picture was taken in spring of 1996. In the past two years, these monuments have been damaged. The largest cylinder has fallen and now lies broken on the ground. Hannah's face is no more - the soft marble has evidently crumbled or been smashed, and the remnants swept away.

[2003 Update] The large granite shaft laying behind Samuel Meyer's monument has been moved to the rear of the cemetery, near the Hyman mausoleum.

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