United Ancient Order of Druids: Forest Home Cemetery
United Ancient Order of Druids

The United Ancient Order of Druids is a fraternal organization established in London in 1771 by Henry Hurle, who said: "they were of old men who undertook to enlighten the people of their day and who introduced among the ancient Britons the useful and polite arts, and these were the Druids. My proposition is that we form a society for social feeling and we assume the title of those learned men (The Druids), and that we will adopt the endearing name of brothers, universally amongst us."

The Druids revere Merlin as a Saint and follow The Seven Precepts of Merlin.The Druid monument in Waldheim Cemetery consists of a tall octagonal granite pedestal, with a statue of a druid on top. Around the base are three circular courses of stone curbing, carved to resemble wood, with radial spokes of similar design.


United Ancient Order of Druids Forest Home Cemetery

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