Bridge across the River, Forest Home Cemetery
May Your Crossing
Be Blessed
With Eternal Rest

Within Forest Home a single bridge spans the Des Plaines river.

The bridge in the top photo was present in the late 1990s. At the time of my initial visits, until about 1998, one lane of the two-lane bridge was open. The other side, rotted and overgrown with weeds, was blocked with fences at either end bearing the message "May Your Crossing Be Blessed With Eternal Rest" (the east fence, consisting of three green planks, can be seen here).

In 1998 the other side was closed, and the two sections of the cemetery were isolated from one another. To travel from the east to the west part of Forest Home it was necessary to leave the cemetery and drive on the public roads, then reenter through the gate on the opposite side.

A few years later, the old bridge was completely torn down and a new one built. The new bridge, shown here, has only a single lane.

At this point of our virtual tour we have completed our exploration of the old German Waldheim Cemetery (the northeast part of the combined Forest Home). We will next explore the west sections of Forest Home, across the river; then return to this point to explore the southeast.

Bridge across the River, Forest Home Cemetery

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