Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

pond: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Near the northwest corner, there is a tear in the fence, providing easy access to a quarry pond. Once a pleasant swimming hole, it is now foul, dark, and covered with algae for much of the year. It is generally thought that at its bottom are many of the monuments missing from the cemetery.

There are several legends connected with this pond. Though no specific incident is ever cited, it is said that 1920s gangsters used this as a location to dump bodies of murder vicitims - close enough to the city to be accessible with a short drive, but far enough to escape attention.

Ghosts of a farmer and his horse haunt the area by the pond. It is said that, while plowing nearby, the horse panicked and bolted for no apparent reason, plunging into the pond and dragging the farmer with him. Weighted down by the plow, both drowned. The pair of ghosts have even been seen by forest rangers.

Some also tell of a "two-headed" ghost - which may simply be a confused sighting of the farmer and horse.

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