Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

open area: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
(The western part of Bachelor's Grove is mostly empty. Here we are looking east from near the west fence, across a vast empty expanse, toward the cluster of monuments near the entrance)

The strangest phenomenon at Bachelor's Grove is something that at first seems completely natural: a house.

There is no house near the cemetery, and no evidence that there has ever been one. Yet many visitors to the site have reported seeing a house, no more than a few hundred feet away. The location varies - some place it across the path from the cemetery, others claim to see it further along the path, past the cemetery.

The house is described as an old two-story wooden farmhouse, painted white, with a porch, a porch swing, and a light - either a lantern in the window or a light of unknown origin from within. It looks completely real and solid; but those who have tried to approach it report that it seemed to move away as they approached, until it vanished in the distance.

In other cases, the witness did not realize anything was odd about the house until they came back to the cemetery a second time and found it missing.

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