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Emma Goldman Forest Home Cemetery

Emma Goldman was an anarchist and radical who worked for the causes of free speech, women's rights, birth control and an eight-hour workday.

Born in Kovno, Russia in 1869, Goldman came to America in 1885. She became a political activist as a result of the Haymarket incident in 1886. She wrote, spoke publicly, and edited Mother Earth. Police attempted to implicate her in the assassination of President McKinley, but were unable to obtain any evidence. For speaking out against World War I, Goldman was imprisoned for two years, and in 1919, exiled from the United States. She died in Toronto in 1940. As she had earlier expressed a wish to be buried near the Haymarket monument, her body was brought back to the United States with the permission of Immigration.

The monument incorrectly gives her date of death as May 14, 1939 - she actually died on May 14, 1940, and was buried here on May 17.

Emma Goldman Forest Home Cemetery

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