Concordia Cemetery
and Altenheim Old Peoples' Home Cemetery

Established 1872
7900 W Madison
Forest Park, IL

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Concordia Cemetery, Forest Park (Chicago)
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CONCORDIA is a Lutheran cemetery established in 1872, immediately north of Forest Home (German Waldheim). In 1950, it came to public attention due to the necessity of moving 1500 graves from its southernmost sections in order to build the Eisenhower Expressway, which now separates Concordia and Forest Home.

A CTA elevated train yard and the former location of its track have also left their mark on Concordia, nearly bisecting the cemetery into distinct north and south divisions (see map).

The Des Plaines river defines the western boundary of Concordia.

To the east is the Altenheim Old Peoples' Home, which has a small cemetery of its own for former residents. Markers in Altenheim are small and uniform, made by pouring concrete into a mold.

Visually, Concordia is memorable for the large number of obelisks in the northeasternm sections and the intricately carved marble angels that share that same space.

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Main Entrance Office
Obelisks Angel
Angel, Surrounded Lossmann
Rohn Obelisk Book
Lillie Diener Chair
East Section Herbert Schwebke
Cluster of Obelisks Brandt
South Section Bedessem
Wendt Kalff
Rohn Urn Boehnisch
Obelisk & Urn Pump Haus
Spare Parts Grahl
Mueller Drs. Moldenhauer
Chas. F. Thoms George Johnson
Raths Wiedbusch
Giese Diebold
Brandenburg Wegner
Small Angel Cemetery Vault
Angel, Reaching Draped urn
Angel with Flowers Anchor
Ingeman M. Carlsen Stone Sentinels
Selma O. Colbe M.D.


Altenheim Main Gate Altenheim Superintendent
Altenheim Concrete Monuments
Broken Urn Altenheim/Concordia Fence

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