Burr Oak Cemetery

Prophet Noble Drew Ali
Founder, Moorish Science Temple of America

Noble Drew Ali was born Timothy Drew in North Carolina 1886 and adopted into the Cherokee tribe. He began working as a circus magician, then traveled to Egypt where he studied under a priest who recognized him as a prophet. He established his first temple in Newark, New Jersey in 1913. His Chicago temple, the best known, was called the Moorish Science Temple of America.

Ali taught that blacks are Moabites or Moors, for whom the promised land is Morocco. As his followers became filled with pride, they clashed with police; Ali died after being beaten by Chicago police.

The Moorish Science Temple fragmented after Ali's death; one such group, led by Elijah Muhammed, became the Nation of Islam.

Also buried in the Chicago area: Elijah Muhammed at Mt. Glenwood, and "Drew Ali Reincarnated" at Lincoln Cemetery.

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