Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

group of monuments: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
(the same group of monuments, southeast quadrant, looking southwest)

The most frequently cited ghost tale associated with Bachelor's Grove is that of mysterious blue orbs of light. Most "spook lights" encountered elsewhere are yellow or white (not coincidentally, the color of car headlights); the blue lights seen at Bachelor's Grove are therefore unusual.

Several witnesses have reported a ball of blue light, a few inches across, that moves with a seeming intelligence. The ball flies an erratic course, changing direction frequently, and appearing to evade contact, keeping just out of reach.

The legend of the blue light is reminiscent of that of the Will o' the Wisp. In British folklore, a "Will o' the Wisp" is a mysterious ball of light that appears to travellers at night. The victim, thinking the light is a friendly lantern bearer, will follow it, only to be led to his doom in a marsh or ravine.

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