Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Deck: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
(Deck; northeast quadrant)

We are now near the north fence of the cemetery. Beyond the fence is a stretch of woods, and, to the west, a pond; a few hundred feet beyond this is 143rd street, which passes between two wooded areas.

Over the years, various witnesses have reported encounters with phantom cars while driving past the cemetery.

A typical version of the story has the witness driving at night - possibly unaware that they are about to pass the cemetery - when they see a dark car of a model from several decades ago, either moving or parked alongside the road. As the mysterious car is approached, it suddenly vanishes without a trace, leaving the spectator mystified.

Local ghosthunter Richard Crowe experienced this phenomenon firsthand in 1975, driving past the cemetery at 10 pm and seeing a parked car evaporate as he passed it. He had another encounter in 1976, seeing a car vanish after entering the forest preserve entrance - in spite of the fact that there was a chain stretched across the driveway.

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