Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Coping: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
Coping Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Near the north fence of the cemetery lies a plot outlined with stone coping (curbing); whatever monument might have been inside has disappeared. The coping is low to the ground, and is usually difficult to find due to the height of the weeds.

According to a newspaper article of 1935, this is the plot of Louis Buch (1837-83) and Johanna Buch. Even at that time, the coping was twisted due to pressure from tree roots.

The picture at left was taken by me at Bachelor's Grove in late 1995 or early 1996 - part of my first-ever roll of graveyard photos. I used an old and not-well-maintained "point and shoot" camera, probably with a dirty lens. There is an odd detail to the right of center - indistinct white streaks that look vaguely like the face of a woman, her head covered by a shawl, looking to the right.

Most likely, this is just a random configuration of grasses and shadows, appearing to resemble something else due to the low quality of the photo.

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