Acacia Park Cemetery and Mausoleum
Acacia Park Cemetery and Mausoleum:Mike Royko

Mike Royko, 1932-1997
Carol Joyce Royko, 1934-1979

Mike Royko was Chicago's greatest newspaper columnist. His voice was that of an "everyman", writing about local events and politics with a personal perspective. Royko's column ran in the Chicago Daily News until that paper ceased publication in 1978; he then wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times until it was purchased by Rupert Murdoch, prompting Royko to quit in disgust. His column then appeared in the Chicago Tribune until his death in 1997 at age 64.

An Odd Coincidence: In April 1997 I visited Acacia Park Cemetery for the first time, and was given a tour of the mausoleum. My guide showed me several notable crypts, including this one - which at the time contained only Carol Royko, as Mike was still living and in good health. I left, thinking that it might be a very long time before Mike Royko was entombed here.

The very next day, Mike Royko suffered a stroke. He lingered for about two weeks, then died on April 29th.

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